BearrCraft – Top Ramen w/ SSoHPKC and EatMyDiction1 – Episode 1

Off topic and random but.. Like , damn I would love to just talk to her atleast once.. That gurl be mega awesome! I actually respect your decision. Arguing with some people can be like beating your head against a brick wall at times. The art of argument has been lost to idiots. It puts a smile on my face when I see someone who is the same way. To those who believe that attacking someone anonymously is a good way to go about living your life, I am honestly sorry for you. You know, I really miss Ashhbearr. Log in Sign up.

Are ssohpkc and ashhbearr still dating

The more I upload, the more I realize I’m terrible at posting my videos on here for you guys haha. Part 59 was just uploaded. We take on Elite Four Bruno for the second time. Check it out! Heart Gold is back and we’re taking on the Elite Four for the second time. Needless to say, things get difficult!

[[[=SSoHPKC=] Seamus ‘SSoHPKC’ MeanCharacterNiceActor: According to [=AshhBearr=] in one of her a group of various gaming personalities who work together to produce mostly gaming content. LetsPlay: Not technically considered one, but still could count because he fits all the.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. I’m still sub’d to him on youtube but he hasn’t uploaded in over half a year. They have been dating since February 4th She moved out and lived in an apartment by herself near the Creature house before moving in with Seamus in another apartment. Links to view before submitting know your meme urban dictionary list of retired questions subreddit rules Rules 1.

His real reason for this is what he calls a side effect from working in Target. Retrieved from ” http: In Mario hacks SSoH does not bother are ssohpkc and ashhbearr still dating play safe as he has save states. Not the patient type, SSoH will usually run head first into anything, sometimes resulting in missing an important object, task, or passage.

He also stated that he planned to begin uploading again soon, from a cache of videos which he had recorded prior to the belated release of the first update video. Most people guess that gamingUSA was attempting are ssohpkc and ashhbearr still dating tell Seamus that he should stop making videos and instead go drink beer. Modern Warfare 2 Call Of Duty: In a stream, Seamus mentioned that he enjoyed streaming more than pre-recording things, and that there would probably be more videos on his channel of recorded streams.

Fitbit Alta HR review

Occasionally, a Beckenbauer, Ennis-Hill or Phil Neville will arrive with the combined talents of an entire team. But most of the time, all-rounder means almost. But it is, on paper, the most capable band of its size and one of the few to offer continuous heart-rate tracking. So is it the best pound-for-pound health tracker you can buy?

I took one on my sporting travels for a few weeks, and found it to be tantalisingly close to gadget greatness

sleep stats and heart rate monitor make it our favourite Fitbit to date. Fitbit still wants you to use the Alta HR for workouts, and to that end it’s.

New messages Active topics Unanswered topics. You must login or register to accommodate new entries. Here’s a list of some Let’s Players and their amount of videos and subscribers. The values of subs may and will change over time. The announcement was made in this thread. AshhBearr was noted as playing the support role on the team.

AshhBearr and SSoHPKC

Since then, we’ve spent more time with the device and added our thoughts on long term use – accuracy, battery life, how we use the app – after six weeks as an update to this review. Fitbit has been straddling the fitness-wellbeing divide for quite some time, but the Fitbit Alta HR, its latest tracker, falls slap-bang in the middle. It’s a fitness tracker for those who want to keep half an eye on their fashion choices, half on their activity, and still be poised for more high-intensity workouts.

The addition of the Fitbit heart rate monitor means the HR is better equipped for workouts than the first Fitbit Alta , but it’s still pitched at people with modest fitness goals, along with those who may just want to see their heart rate in context of day-to-day activities – leaving the Charge 2 the choice for the athletes. Wareable verdict : Fitbit Inspire HR review.

SSoHPKC. What article? +. Kootra Yeah I read it too. Here you all go [link] +. Ashhbearr What the fuck? +. Slyfoxhound I’m still here, you know? +. Ashhbearr.



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Highlights: Insulting Seamus’ Religion