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Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 & Op-Amp Big Muff Pi Review

For some reason the TSs seem to sound different as you switch them on, instead of coming right on like a TS-9 or they have a slight woof. Also if all 3 knobs are up all the way, a TS modded to specs will emit a short squealing sound. The TS jacks and pots are cheap non-standard parts, and tend to fail much more often than the TS So a TS10 is a disposable pedal, best for a collector or a home pedalboard.

So the option is yours, a modified TS will sound great and be much cheaper if you already have one but you might sleep better knowing you have the ultimate if you have a TS-9 modified. Electronic Voltages in other countries Often people ask if certain effects will work in their countries. Most effects we sell work on batteries or AC adaptors so there is no problem.

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone V2 Dating from In good condition for EH pedals and of course built like a tank (made in USA). A good sounding.

Originally they were based on discrete circuitry, but some later models switched to integrated circiuits. Each version has its own character, but the version two Big Muff Pi — with a ram’s head printed on the casework — was used on so many classic records that EHX have decided to bring it back. This reissue combines the original discrete transistor with surface-mount resistors, the latter being used to save space.

To my ears, this version of the Big Muff Pi, which has a similar circuit to the Green Russian pedal, sits somewhere between classic fuzz and distortion, exhibiting wondrous sustain while retaining good note separation. Its circuit is relatively simple: based on four silicon transistors, the first is an impedance matcher and gain stage, and that’s followed by two identical clipping stages in series that use diodes around the transistor to create the necessary clipping.

The fourth transistor handles tone-control duties as well as buffering the output.

Electro-Harmonix Soul POG

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Used Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Pi Distortion / Sustainer Pedal. $ Add to cart · Effects, Effects/Pedals/Synths – Used.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Free shipping Allowance On most orders. Availability Special Order. Select from one of several tempo subdivisions ranging from a dotted eighth note to a sixteenth note, and a tap tempo switch allows for instant tempo changes.

The onboard effects loop allows you to add effects to the delayed signal. And you can control the rate, depth, feedback, and delay with an optional expression pedal. If you’re looking for a pedal that will open up a wide range of creative possibilities, you’ll be happy you picked up an Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man with Tap Tempo. Electro-Harmonix has found a chip that accurately replicates that highly desired performance of the Panasonic Bucket Brigade chips found in the original Memory Man pedals.

Not only does the new MN sound just like the older chips, but their supply ensures the survival of one of the most coveted delay pedals in history.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Today the Big Muff comes in many different shapes and sizes and this guide will help you to choose your perfect Big Muff fuzz pedal!

Electro-Harmonix Pedals are some of the most iconic guitar effects pedals on the market today with classic pedals such as the EHX Big Muff which is arguably.

The Electro-Harmonix Super Switcher Programmable Effects Hub lets you achieve studio-style effects programming live that simply can’t be accomplished with traditional pedal setups. It can handle jobs as simple as an effect loop switcher and as complex as a MIDI programmable effects preset designer. If you use multiple pedals, the Super Switcher will eliminate the task of tap dancing on your With over 40 years of history behind them, Electro-Harmonix effects pedals have contributed to some of music’s all-time most iconic records.

Called EHX for short, the company was founded by Mike Matthews in New York City back in , around the time that effects pedals were starting to enter the mainstream. Musicians love it and collectors cherish it. Experience the analog edge. Nothing can compare to the organic sound of analog delay, and no one does analog like the Deluxe Memory Man!

Up to mS ….

Electro-Harmonix Pedals

Electro Harmonix, also known as EHX, are one of the most famous effects pedal brands in the world. The company hails from New York City and have been making innovative products since the 60s. Electro Harmonix have an exhaustive range of pedals available. EHX cover every FX base, including many that no other company makes.

Dating EHX Pedals etc. The vintage EH pedals, all have codes stamped on the underside of the potentiometer. EHX often used CTS (Chicago.

Tape echoes had been around for a few years when solid-state echo technology appeared in pedal format. The Deluxe version of the Memory Man delay from Electro Harmonix, released in , was the fifth iteration of the Memory Man design, which made its debut in Key to its significance were two additions that made for an organic delay sound – a knob to control the preamp level, and a dedicated knob for the chorus and vibrato effects that had been introduced on the two previous versions of the pedal.

Although a delay time of ms is short by modern standards, it was pushing the bucket-brigade chips inside the unit to the limit. Bucket-brigade devices, or BBD for short, are discrete capacitor arrays that were used to pass analogue audio signals before buffer-based digital delays were available. As the signal passes down the array, treble content is lost, and signal noise increases. This gives the DMM its trademark gritty, warm tone. The DMM, like the original Memory Man, had controls for Blend, Feedback and Delay, which still are the de-facto standard descriptions for controls today.

He was an early adopter of the echo unit, and began using the standard Memory Man on early U2 recordings. And despite its unusual power requirements and a high noise floor, the bulky original DMM remains on the boards of many professional players. EHX has responded by reissuing it a number of times, as well as adding compact versions like the Memory Boy and Memory Toy to the line-up.

Anyone know of a site for information on vintage Electro Harmonix?

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Inspired by Kit Rae’s Big Muff Page this page is dedicated to the Electro-​Harmonix Electric Mistress. Disclaimer: I am not connected to Electro-Hamonix nor.

Or at least not as much sense as, say, the EHX Turnip Greens, which, name notwithstanding, serves up a sensible selection of overdrive and reverb—a pedal I could absolutely use in a grab-and-go situation. Overdrive and octave in the same box, though? Quite the curious combo. Of course, the Soul Food has more than enough gain to cover a wide range of riffage, but I like it best loud, bright and with a hint of grit. The other half is loaded with polyphonic octave experience of the Nano POG.

Being polyphonic, tracking is fast and flawless, and it handles chords without glitching. So if you want to emulate a string guitar, add some organ-like swells or just introduce some extra depth and dimension to your sound—Nano POG is just the ticket. And the version on the Soul POG ups the ante with a new Mode switch that changes how the upper octave responds to your playing. EHX suggests you use this mode for faster, single note runs—and it works great for that.

Words to describe it would be smoother, more articulate and slightly more compressed. Especially when a toggle on the top of the pedal allows you to change the order of which effect comes first. The tone is cleaner and more defined—especially with the gain up—when the Soul Food is first.

Dating memory man

I started out using some info from Bob Schwartz, retired EE. I give him credit for his article which I have edited and modified from computer equipment specific to guitar effect specific. What to do if something wet spills on your pedal or it falls into wet whatever? The following is not guaranteed but represents years of experience. Quick, unplug it!

9 Volt batteries required (included, best with Polaroid 9 Volt batteries), Optional 9DC power supply available. Publisher: New Sensor. Release Date: ​

There are very few websites dedicated to the Big Muff Pi, so I created this site with all of the information and history I have gleaned from various sources over the years, including some good photo references pix from my collection, stolen from ebay auctions, and sent to me by other generous Big Muff owners and audio clips. I think it is the most comprehensive one on the web. I have tried to sort out Muff fact from Muff fiction and clarify some confusing or contradictory details from other websites and articles, as well as include a comprehensive history about Electro-Harmonix and the story behind the origin of the Big Muff Pi for all you Muff junkies.

Be aware that it is overly and obsessiveley detailed, to a level much deeper than the average person would care to know, and the person who put it together obviously suffers from some type of OCD! It was their second best selling pedal in the s after the Small Stone phaser, and Mike Matthews said in that in terms of units sold for all versions, the Big Muff is their number one seller. Fuzz pedals like the Maestro Fuzz-Tone and Fuzz Face were very popular in the late s but the Big Muff was a very different and fresh take on the fuzz tone territory.

The first well known recorded use of th e Big Muff was in on The Carpenters’ power ballad hit Goodbye to Love, with a hard rocking fuzz solo played by Tony Peluso, very ahead of it’s time for the pop music market. The Big Muff used an independant four stage Silicon transistor based circuit that did not have the limitations of the typical guitar-into-fuzz circuits around at the time it was created.

It could go anywhere in the signal chain, and the tone was not at the mercy of the temperature like the old style Germanium transistors used in Fuzz-Tone and Fuzz Face pedals. The Muff had monstrous loads of gain and sustain, and a monstrous sound to go along with it, from thunderous mud to hammering treble. It was the first fuzz pedal with such a huge bottom end, and it stepped on just about any typical fuzz pedal out there. There is a characteristic underlying harmonically-doubled octave sound mixed into the Muff tone, sometimes described as the Muffs “buzz” or “fizz”.

The tone sweep ranged from huge, dark, bassy sludge to thick, piercing, buzz saw treble, all with a deep mid range scoop.

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Generally regarded as the most complete, in-depth, and accurate effects reference to date, the Analog Man Guide features:. This exquisitely printed volume, presented in an 8. Shoaf, Vintage Guitar magazine. Analog Man’s guide to Vintage Effects. The ultimate guitar effects pedal book, released in A detailed history of vintage effects with interviews from many of the creators.

EHX claims that its new Grand Canyon pedal is its most advanced multi-function delay and looper pedal to date.

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Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Guitar Effects Pedal

Copyright Kit Rae. The pots are what the knobs are mounted to, essentally manually adjustable resisitors that control the voltage across a circuit. The codes were created by the Electronic Industries Association EIA in s to identify the product source and date of manufacture. The first string of numbers is usually the part number, or sometimes the pot value. In the second string of numbers, the first three numbers are a code identifying the manufacturer.

The circa Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay is a sought-after prize among vintage-pedal aficionados. Originally called a Tape Reverse Simulator, it’s known​.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team is here to support you before, during and after your purchase. We add an extra year to the manufacturer’s warranty, giving you a full 2-years coverage – for free! Spot a Better Price? Call The pedal also includes a new Tide Control for stereo image alteration, a Lo-fi Control, an infinite attenuation control and an input jack for external expression and 3-button footswitch control.

A Tails switch provides a choice of whether the reverb effect fades out naturally or stops immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass. In most settings the pedal is also capable of producing infinite reverb which can be played over with a different reverb effect. Comes equipped with a standard EHX 9. The Oceans 12 includes a Tails switch to select whether the reverb effect fades out naturally or stops immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass. In most settings, the Oceans 12 is capable of producing infinite reverb which can be played over with a different reverb effect.

Comes equipped with an EHX 9. The best gear advice always comes from those who use it the most.

Electro Harmonix Stereo Mistress Review