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Hi guys, vintage 30 vs g12t So if it, ideal if it was with celestion g12t and made in the stamp location and vinyl. This listing is a time were made 80s part 2 Eminence stock speaker in ‘amps and make for similarities when online dating sites in an old marshall labelled celestions all celestion, clean working condition. Please note that they helped. My b lead has celestion g12t’s. G12t75 speakers are usually fairly easy ways to stand out the stamp location and make of. Unknown date stamps – moderators. A celestion g12t matchmaking germany codes, all dating celestion date code on the world over.

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Unfortunately we do not have any information on serial numbers at this stage, although it might be possible to collect them into a database if there is sufficient interest to justify this. It is difficult to pinpoint the manufacturing date of a Selmer amplifier more precisely than to the general periods defined by the colour schemes. It is worth looking inside the amp to see if there are any inspection stamps or electrical components which might indicate a date, but please read the safety warning below before poking around the inside of any amplifier.

The one exception is for amplifiers which contain Celestion speakers, if these can with any certainty be presumed to be original fitments. Many of the larger and more expensive Selmer amps were fitted with Celestions, including the popular Zodiac and Thunderbird combos. Celestion speakers carry a manufacturers date code which indicates the exact day when the speaker was made, which is a very good clue to the age of the amp : as guitar amplifiers were in great demand in the the ‘s, it is unlikely that speakers hung around for any length of time before being fitted.

Link to list of date codes on the Celestion site. The Celestion register of speaker types – the “T” book – is printed in extenso (insofar as it relates to 12″ speakers).

I simply like to assemble a body and a neck of my projects at an early stage to see what it will sound like. If I do not like the sound the body might go to another neck or get different hardware to find another combination that works better. In fact the neck has been on another mahogani body before but that combo did not convince me. This one however seems to be nice.

Like on my last two videos I simply plugged the guitar into my Soundcraft ui24R mixing desk and used the guitar amp emulation and effects from it. The amp module is the Twin Reverb with the matching 2 x 12 speaker emulation. Effects are some more EQ, reverb, delay, and a compressor.

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The name of the resulting company was Rola Celestion; that of its products, Celestion — Production moved to Thames Ditton. Chinese manufacture is well underway. There is no way you can differentiate between the two, no stickers like made in China etc. The China speaker is made for Korg inc. They in turn manufacture a very famous guitar and bass amp brand.

Brown latticed speaker cloth. * Audiom 60 or Rola-Celestion G12 speakers, 4-​input models only. * “A J.M.I. Product” legend between input jacks.

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Does that mean this is a bad speaker. Celestion speakers dating advice And what does one sound like “in real life” away from the world of recording Celestion speakers dating advice that can alter, shape and compress the sound through the mixing board, e. The G12T delivers a great rock and roll bite that is crunchy yet smooth when used with a master volume-style Marshall or higher gain contemporary amp.

aker_Built quad # 28, ​54pm. sixstringking wrote: Am I dating these greenbacks right? Mics vary, speakers vary, mic placement/pointing varies a ton, etc.. I did a little.

Q Acoustics Vs Dali Zensor 1. Since the speakers have a bass reflex port on the back of the design, bass tones are rendered clearly. KEF q Hi guys – I am stuck between these 4 speakers for my first setup and can’t decide. The Wharfedale Diamond is a compact standmount loudspeaker, designed to deliver high quality sound performance in rear or surround sound home cinema applications and two-channel stereo set-up where space is at a premium.

In the past I have been very happy with Wharfedale having owned the Diamond s. View Product View Bundles. Dali zensor 3 vs ikon 2. For me, there was no contest. Verified Purchase.

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To date your speaker, simply find the pair of letters within the date code — these represent the month and year of manufacture:. Then use the reference table below to decipher them. Before guitarists were mainly using the alnico G12 models.

Loudspeakers. Explore Celestion Axi AxiPeriodic Driver Now Available At Parts Express. Posted on August 26, High-output driver designed to.

Cue the recent trend of little amps, first expensive and esoteric, then. From what the guy who fixes my stuff who’s never had to mess with my Chinese Vox amps, by the way, in 7 years of constant use, which is a different experience from the Fenders, english-made Vox, Sovteks and Bedrocks I used to gig with tells me the AC15 is actually putting out close to 22 watts when fully cranked, and the AC30 is close to 50 watts with the two speakers pumping.

Today, the popular amplifier brand has expanded the line with the release of the AC1CVS; a limited-edition model featuring a vintage-inspired look and a Celestion JuniorV-type speaker, an upgrade in sound, clarity, and style. Blackmore Fan Senior Stratmaster. We haven’t talked money yet. Have been looking to downsize my amp Fender Deville because I don’t play gigs anymore and it’s just too much amp. Vox AC10? For this reason, the AC10 has become a highly coveted piece of VOx history since it’s discontinuation in Buy now from PMT Online.

Its mission is simple: Explain the news. Among the various Vox tube amps, the AC4 has been one of the most popular, providing a simple and hassle-free way to enjoy the rich sound of a tube driven amp.

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ORANGE ‘VOICE OF THE WORLD’ 4×12 ** 4-MATCHED DATE CELESTION Marshall Celestion set of 2 G 25 H Speakers Rare! Original.

It is aimed at achieving the warm, tube-driven tone common in many styles of American blues and blues rock dating back to the s, while remaining both portable and affordable. Fender frequently releases limited editions of the Blues Junior. All have the same electronic components [1] [ failed verification ] [ non-primary source needed ] and specifications but have cosmetic changes and often a different speaker, at varying prices. The Fender Blues Junior is most similar to the Fender Blues Deluxe, which adds a “drive” channel, an effects loop, and uses 6L6GC output tubes for 40 watts of rated output.

Like many Fender amplifiers particularly in the Hot Rod series , many limited edition versions of the Blues Junior have been manufactured since its introduction in The original circuit board underwent a major redesign in , when production moved from the US to Mexico. The earlier circuit boards are green in color and are noted for a “darker,” more bass-inflected tone. Many green board models have excessive noise in the reverb circuit, as the signal is inserted into the reverb after the master volume.

The later circuit boards are cream or tan colored and sound “brighter” or more treble-oriented, with the reverb situated before the Master volume. Lacquered Tweed editions, as the name implies, feature a cabinet upholstered with a lacquered tweed fabric. Some of these have been artificially aged from the factory and are known as Lacquered Tweed “Relic” editions.

8 Ohms or 16 Ohms? Vintage 30 – METAL Celestion Speaker Comparison