Centuries-Old Gardening Hoes Made of Bison Bone Found in Canada

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Indigenous farmers in what is now Manitoba, Canada, once used a pair of bison shoulder blades as gardening hoes, reports CBC News. Eric Olson, a student at the University of Manitoba, spotted the unusual tools while walking along a creek around ten miles south of the town of Melita in A flood likely brought the bones to the surface. No doubt about it. Though Indigenous groups likely occupied the Melita site for around years, between the late s and the s or s, Malainey points out that displacement and migration sparked by the fur trade makes it difficult to determine which community lived in a specific area at a given time.

The other site is located in Lockport, north of Winnipeg. According to CBC News, the Lockport tools are similar in appearance but were found in a more muddled archaeological context, making them less informative than the newly cataloged find. Comparatively, the site near Melita is within a wildlife management area, ensuring the bison-bone hoes remained virtually undisturbed.

Hundreds of years ago, most Indigenous people living in western Canada were hunter-gatherers who moved from place to place to take advantage of seasonal resources. Moving forward, the archaeologists plan on using ground-penetrating radar to search for signs of the society that made and used the bone hoes, report Betty Sawatzky and Barry Lamb for Discover Westman. The researchers will also collect soil cores that could capture traces of crops and other plants grown at the site, per CBC News.

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Young adults have a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of different types of casual relationships. Not all of them are the same, and each of the four types identified by Canadian researchers Jocelyn Wentland and Elke Reissing come with a different set of expectations. After running focus groups with 23 participants aged 18 to 24, the researchers identified four main types of casual relationship, from least intimate to most intimate:.

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Relationships: Dating vs Tinder Culture and Sluts vs Hoes

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